Report on the conference "Barrett's esophagus” with professor H. Manner.

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Dear colleges, an online conference with "live" endoscopy course "Barrett's esophagus: precision diagnosis and treatment”, was held on January 23, 2021, on the basis of the Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology. The conference proceedings are available by this link:

The main experts of conference were leading specialist in GERD and Barrett's esophagus, with many years of experience in minimally invasive endoscopic treatment of Barrett's esophagus: the chief physician of the department of internal medicine with endoscopy, professor Hendrik Manner (Frankfurt, Germany) and the head of the endoscopic training center of Yaroslavl State Medical University, head of the endoscopy department of Yaroslavl Regional Cancer Hospital, Sergey Kashin (Yaroslavl).

During the "live" endoscopy course from the operating room of the Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology, S.V. Kashin performed endoscopic procedures for four patients with Barrett's esophagus, discussed their management with H. Manner, demonstrated the modern technologies of endoscopic diagnosis of Barrett's esophagus, as well as treatment methods this disease using endoscopic mucosal resection and hybrid argon plasma coagulation.

At this conference Russian experts (V. Kaibysheva, E. Krainova, N. Vidyaeva) discussed with professor H. Manner actual questions of precision managements of patients with Barrett's esophagus: risk factors, standards of endoscopic examination, additional diagnostic methods (X-ray, manometry, pH-metry), morphological examination, indications for long-term PPI treatment, indications and choice of optimal endoscopic treatment of Barrett's esophagus, management of patients in the postoperative period, indications for surgical treatment of hiatal hernia (fundoplication).

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